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Whether you are a transfer counselor, transfer center director, a transfer center regional representative or an articulation officer, the Resources contained in the drop-down menu are mined, then posted in the Resources section on the TCW to assist you in obtaining accurate and timely data.

The Resources drop-down menu includes:

  • Association Directories.
  • Best Practices - shared by your colleagues so you don't have to reinvent a wheel!
  • Conference announcements that include dates, times and locations of conferences, registration links, flyers and current/archived conference materials.
  • Directories to various education systems and campuses throughout the United States, including but not limited to Accreditation links and International Credentials & Transcript Evaluation Links.
  • Coded Memos, Legislation, Reports and Research for your continued enlightenment
  • Statistical Databanks from all systems to assist you with the gathering of demographic, geographic, and other transfer statistics.
  • Scholarship Links to share with your students.

If you have a best practice or workshop Power Point, etc., that you would like to share with your colleagues, please send it to the TCW webmaster to include on the Best Practice page.