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Updated: 01-13-15

Attention CCC Counselors:

Over the winter break the TCW server experienced some major issues.  We were able to recover an earlier version of the TCW and we are working diligently to repost new updates.  You can tell which pages have been updated by the update date in the upper left corner of the pages. We believe that content is accurate enough to continue assisting you and your students.  If you find something in error please contact me ASAP.  When we have finished reproducing added features and content this notification will be removed from the homepage.  Thank you for your patience.  Ruth De Tro, Webmaster. 

TCW is now posting CCC Associate Degree Transfer (ADT) links with major-specific courses, along with 2014-15 GE patterns to the  CCC ADT GE: CSU & IGETC Patterns page. CCCs, please send your campus ADT link and GE patterns for 2014-15 to the TCW Webmaster. We are also posting ADT Roadmaps sent to us from various CSUs on the CSU Campus page.

Technical Support:

The Technical Support button (at right) is to assist CCC counselors in finding the information they need on the TCW - NOT to answer counseling questions. Counselors: If we are offline you can still use the Technical Support Button to send us your question in an email.  You can also use the search bar (above), Knowledge Base FAQs and Site Map (below). 
Students and parents, please direct your counseling questions to your campus counselors.

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