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Association of Independent California Colleges & Universities - (AICCU) Directories     

California Community Colleges (CCC) Directories     

California State University (CSU) Directories                  

University of California (UC) Directories  

AICCU-ISP Directories:

  1. AICCU Member Colleges (AICCU)

CCC Directories:

  1. Alphabetical Listing of California Community Colleges (CCCs). (CCCCO)
  2. Association of California Colleges and Universities (AICCU)
  3. California College Network (CCN)
  4. CCC Association for Occupational Education (CCCAOE)
  5. CCC Campus Location Map. (CCCCO)
  6. CCC Districts. (CCCCO)
  7. CCCs By Region
  8. CCC Articulation Officers Directory
  9. CCC Articulation Officers Regional Representatives Directory 2016-17
  10. CCC EOPS Coordinators Directory 2014-15
  11. CCC Transfer Center Directors Directory 2016-17
  12. CCC Transfer Center Regional Representatives Directory 2016-17
  13. CCC Veteran's Services Regional Representatives Directory 2014-15
  14. California Educational Round Table Intersegmental Coordinating Committees (CERTICC)
  15. California Intersegmental Articulation Council Directory (CIAC)
  16. California Post-Secondary Education Committee (CPEC)
  17. National Association for College Admission Counseling Member Directory (NACAC)
  18. Western Association for College Admission Counseling (WACAC)

CSU Directories:

  1. CSU Admission & Financial Aid Addresses (CSUMentor)
  2. CSU Office of Services to Students With Disabilities. (Pg. 27-'13/14 CASPER) PDF.
  3. CSU Information Directory to Student Services '13/14 - CalState.
  4. CSU Honors and Special Academic Programs - By Campus. (Pg. 25-'13/14 CASPER) PDF.
  5. CSU Student Service Programs Directory (Pg. 28,29-'13/14 CASPER) PDF.
  6. CSU Telephone Directory(CalState)
  7. Liberal Studies Information Websites - By Campus. (Pg. 26-'13/14 CASPER) PDF.

UC Directories:

  1. UC Directory of International Student Admission Contacts/Advisors by Campus (UCOP) 
  2. UC Personnel Directory By Campus (UniversityofCalifornia)
  3. UC Transfer Preparation Program - Committee Members (UCTPP)