Out of State Colleges & Universities

These are the 50+ most common non-profit out-of-state colleges and universities that CCC students transfer to. Schools are listed alphabetically by state. The numbers in parentheses (XX) indicate how many students from California Community Colleges transferred there in the 2018-2019 academic year:

If the school has historically accepted CSU or IGETC General Education equivalency, it is noted on the last line of that schools’ information. General education information is especially designed to assist Counselors and students in obtaining accurate information about transfer.  However, this information is subject to change, which may impact admission.  The final responsibility of transfer rests with the student to confirm the information contained on this page. Students are encouraged to meet with college counselors and advisers at their host institutions as well as contact their intended target transfer schools to confirm information and/or obtain further guidance.



Arizona State  (XX)
Phone number: 480-965-7788
Email: enrollment@asuonline.asu.edu
Guaranteed Transfer Admissions program for California: https://admission.asu.edu/transfer/gpa/california
WUE: https://admission.asu.edu/wue
General Education: CSU OK; IGETC OK

Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State (1,119)
Phone: (602) 543-1043
Transfer: https://thunderbird.asu.edu/apply
Email: admissions.tbird@asu.edu
General Education: CSU OK, IGETC OK,

Northern Arizona  (139)
Transfer: https://nau.edu/admission/transfer-student-admission/
WUE: https://nau.edu/admission/western-undergraduate-exchange/
General Education: CSU OK: IGETC OK

Ottowa University – Phoenix  (35)
Phone: 602-749-5100
Transfer: https://www.ottawa.edu/ouaz/admissions/admissions-process
Email: admiss.az@ottawa.edu

University of Arizona  (124)
Phone: 520-621-3237
Transfer: https://admissions.arizona.edu/how-to-apply/transfer
Email: admissions@arizona.edu
WUE: https://catalog.arizona.edu/policy/western-undergraduate-exchange-programs-wue
General Education: IGETC OK


Adams State (28)
Phone: (719) 587-7528
Transfer: https://www.adams.edu/admissions/transfer/
Email: admissions@adams.edu, TransferStudents@adams.edu
WUE: https://www.adams.edu/administration/business/tuition-information/

Metropolitan State Denver (38)
Phone: (303) 556-3058
Email: askmetro@mscd.edu
Transfer: https://www.msudenver.edu/admissions/student-types/transfer/
WUE: https://www.msudenver.edu/media/content/admissions/documents/studentforms/WUEFormFINAL.pdf

Colorado State- Fort Collins (40)
Phone: (970) 491-6909
Email: admissions@colostate.edu
Transfer: https://admissions.colostate.edu/apply/transfer/
WUE: https://financialaid.colostate.edu/scholarships-for-transfer-students/

University of Colorado – Boulder (50)
Phone: (303) 492-6301
Email: apply@colorado.edu
Transfer: https://www.colorado.edu/admissions/transfer
WUE: The University of Colorado does not participate in WUE

University of Colorado – Colorado Springs (24)
Phone: (719) 255-3084
Email: go@uccs.edu
Transfer: https://www.uccs.edu/transfer/
WUE: https://www.uccs.edu/admissionsenrollment/cost/wuecost
General Education: IGETC OK

University of Colorado – Denver/Anschutz (50)
Phone: (303) 315-2601
Web Site: https://www.cuanschutz.edu/education

University of Northern Colorado – Greeley (XX)
Phone: (970) 351-1890
Email: admissions@unco.edu
Transfer: https://unco.smartcatalogiq.com/en/current/Undergraduate-Catalog/Undergraduate-Information-and-Policies/Admission/Transfer-Student-Admission
WUE: https://www.unco.edu/admissions/western-undergraduate-exchange/
General Education: IGETC OK



Georgia State University (26)
Phone: (404) 413-2500
Email: admissions@gsu.edu
Transfer: https://admissions.gsu.edu/bachelors-degree/apply/transfer/


Univ Of Hawaii – Hilo (26)
Phone: (808) 932-7446
Email: uhhadm@hawaii.edu
Transfer: https://hilo.hawaii.edu/admissions/transfer.php
WUE: https://hilo.hawaii.edu/admissions/WesternUndergraduateExchange.php

University of Hawaii at Manoa (105)
Phone: (808) 956-8975
Email: manoa.admissions@hawaii.edu
Transfer: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/admissions/transfer/index.html
WUE: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/admissions/financing/wue.html
Accepted ADTs: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

Hawaii Pacific  (XX)
Phone:  (808) 544-0238
Email: admissions@hpu.edu
Transfer: https://www.hpu.edu/undergraduate-admissions/transfer/index.html
WUE: Does not participate
General Education: IGETC OK, Transfer Credit Library
*In an effort to make a private college education more affordable for California transfer students, Hawaiʻi Pacific University is excited to extend our California Match Commitment to transfer students enrolling for the spring 2021 semester from California community colleges! 


Southern Illinois – Carbondale (28)
Phone: (618) 536-4405
Email: admissions@siu.edu
Transfer: https://admissions.siu.edu/apply/transfer/
General Education: CSU OK



Berklee College of Music (27)
Phone: (617) 747-2221
Email: admissions@berklee.edu
Transfer: https://www.berklee.edu/admissions/undergraduate/transfer-credit

Harvard (34)
Phone: (617) 495-1551
Email: college@fas.harvard.edu
Transfer: https://college.harvard.edu/admissions/apply/transfer-applicants


Andrews University (27)
Phone: 269-471-3611
Email: enroll@andrews.edu
Transfer: https://www.andrews.edu/undergrad/admissions/transfer/


Park University (69)
Phone: (816) 746-2526
Email: enrollmentservices@park.edu
Transfer: https://www.park.edu/admissions/transfer-admissions/


Univ of Montana (24)
Phone: (406) 243-6266
Email: admiss@umontana.edu
Transfer: https://admissions.umt.edu/apply/transfer/default.php
WUE: https://admissions.umt.edu/costs_aid/scholarships/wue.php
General Education: UM accepts Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) Degrees from US colleges and universities accredited by regional accrediting agencies recognized by the US Department of Education. A completed AA or AS degree satisfies UM’s lower-division General Education requirements; students must still complete the advanced writing course and are encouraged to explore lower-division language courses to enhance their major.  Since Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degrees focus on technical skills, the degree does not necessarily satisfy all lower-division General Education requirements at UM. (6/2020)

Montana State (23)
Phone: (406) 994-2452
Email: admissions@montana.edu
Transfer: http://www.montana.edu/admissions/transfer.html
WUE: http://www.montana.edu/admissions/scholarships/transnonres/index.html
General Education: Students attending Montana University System campuses have three options for transferring general education core requirements: (1) complete all lower-division general education requirements for one specific campus, (2) complete the Montana University System Core transferrable general education curriculum, or (3) obtain an A.A. or A.S. transferrable degree (6/2020).


Nevada State (24)
Phone: (702) 992-2130
Email: admissions@nsc.edu
Transfer: https://nsc.edu/admissions/transfer-student/
WUE: http://nsc.smartcatalogiq.com/en/2017-2018_Archived/Catalog/Regulations-for-Determining-Residency-for-Tuition/Regulations-for-Reduced-Non-Resident-Tuition/Western-Undergraduate-Exchange-WUE

University of Nevada, Reno  (125)
Phone: (775) 784-4700
Email: asknevada@unr.edu
Transfer: https://www.unr.edu/transfer
General Education: CSU OK, IGETC OK

University of Nevada Las Vegas (147)
Phone: (702) 774-8658
Email: admissions@unlv.edu
Transfer: https://www.unlv.edu/admissions/transfer
WUE: https://www.unlv.edu/finaid/scholarships/wue
General Education: CSU OK, IGETC OK

Western Nevada College (43)
Phone: (775) 445-3277
Email: admissions.records@wnc.edu
Transfer: https://www.wnc.edu/admissions/transfer-information/
WUE: does not participate

New Mexico

New York


Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) (40)
Phone: (541) 885-1150
Email: oit@oit.edu
Transfer: https://www.oit.edu/admissions/transfer
WUE: https://www.oit.edu/college-costs/western-undergraduate-exchange-wue

Oregon State (XX)
Phone: (541) 737-4411
Email: osuadmit@oregonstate.edu
Transfer: https://transfer.oregonstate.edu/
WUE: does not participate
General Education: IGETC OK

Portland State (157)
Phone: (503) 725-3511
Email: admissions@pdx.edu
Transfer: https://www.pdx.edu/admissions/transfer
WUE: https://www.pdx.edu/student-finance/western-undergraduate-exchange
General Education: IGETC OK

Southern Oregon (61)
Phone: (541) 552-6411
Email: admissions@sou.edu
Transfer: https://sou.edu/admissions/apply/transfer/
WUE: https://sou.edu/admissions/afford/western-undergraduate-exchange/
General Education: IGETC OK

Western Oregon  (18)
Phone: (503) 838-8211
Email: wolfgram@wou.edu
Transfer: https://wou.edu/admission/transfer/
WUE: https://wou.edu/admission/western-undergraduate-exchange/
General Education: CSU OK, IGETC OK

University of Oregon (77)
Phone: (541) 346-3201
Email: admissions@uoregon.edu
Transfer: https://admissions.uoregon.edu/transfer
WUE: Does not participate.
General Education: CSU GE OK, IGETC OK. 
UO recognizes the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum certificate (IGETC) and the California State University General Education certificate (CSUGE) from community colleges in California. Official transcripts that indicate the completion of these degrees and certificates will satisfy the university writing and areas of inquiry requirements. These degrees and certificates do not guarantee junior standing. (6/20)


University of North Texas (29)
Phone: (940) 565-2681
Email: undergrad@unt.edu
Transfer: https://transfernow.unt.edu/

University of Texas at Arlington (189)
Phone: 817-272-2090
Email: utaadmissions@uta.edu
Transfer: https://www.uta.edu/admissions/apply/transfer


BYU Provo (43)
Phone: (801) 422-4104
Email: admissions@byu.edu
Transfer: https://enrollment.byu.edu/admissions/transfer-applicants
WUE: does not participate

Stevens Henager College (74)
Phone: (801) 392-1471
Email: info@stevenshenager.edu
Admissions: https://www.stevenshenager.edu/admissions
WUE: does not participate

University of Utah (32)
Phone: (801) 581-8761
Email: admissions@utah.edu
Transfer: https://admissions.utah.edu/apply/transfer/
WUE: not available for transfer students

Utah State (29)
Phone: 1-800-488-8108
Email: admit@usu.edu
Transfer: https://www.usu.edu/admissions/apply/
WUE (transfer scholarships): https://www.usu.edu/admissions/apply/
General Education: IGETC OK

Utah Valley (74)
Phone: (801) 863-8466
Email: InstantInfo@uvu.edu
Transfer: https://www.uvu.edu/transfer/
WUE: https://www.uvu.edu/financialaid/scholarships/continuing/nonresident.html

Weber State (28)
Phone: (801) 626-6743
Email: admissions@weber.edu
Transfer: https://www.weber.edu/transfer/guide.html
WUE: https://www.weber.edu/FinancialAid/wue.html



Green River (23)
Phone: 253-288-3300
Email: international@greenriver.edu
Transfer: https://www.greenriver.edu/students/academics/degrees-programs/university-and-college-transfer/
WUE: does not participate
Note: Although Green River began awarding Bachelor’s degrees in 2014, it awards primarily Associate degrees.

North Seattle (29)
Phone: (206) 934-3663
Email: ARRC@seattlecolleges.edu
Admissions: https://northseattle.edu/admissions
WUE: does not participate

Olympic College (38)
Phone: 360-475-7279
Email: welcome@olympic.edu
Transfer: https://www.olympic.edu/programs-classes/transfer-oc
WUE: does not participate

Seattle Central (44)
Phone: (206) 934-5646
Email: Admissions.Central@seattlecolleges.edu
Transfer: https://seattlecentral.edu/programs/college-transfer
WUE: does not participate

South Seattle (25)
Phone: (206) 934-5300
Email: infosouth@seattlecolleges.edu
Transfer: https://southseattle.edu/transfer-resources
WUE: does not participate

Seattle University (XX)
Phone: (206) 220-8040
Email: admissions@seattleu.ed
Transfers: https://www.seattleu.edu/undergraduate-admissions/apply/transfer/
WUE: does not participate
General Education: IGETC OK (with completed associates degree)

Seattle Pacific (XX)
Phone: (800) 366-3344
Email: transfer@spu.edu
Transfers: https://spu.edu/undergraduate-admissions/apply/transfer-students/admissions
WUE: does not participate
General Education: IGETC OK (with completed associates degree)

University of Washington – Seattle (31)
Phone: 206-543-9686
Email: askuwadm@uw.edu
Transfer: https://admit.washington.edu/apply/transfer/
WUE: does not participate

Washington State  (50)
Phone: 888-468-6978
Email: admissions@wsu.edu
Transfer: https://admission.wsu.edu/apply/as/transfer/requirements-2/
WUE (Cougar Award for Transfers): https://admission.wsu.edu/scholarships/scholarship-awards/transfer-western-undergraduate-exchange-cougar-award-for-transfers/
General Education: CSU OK, IGETC OK