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Miscellaneous Best Practice Initiatives

Common Application Process 

Scholarship Handouts & Workshop Materials 

Guidelines for New CCC Transfer Center Directors (TCDs)

TAG Handouts & Workshop Materials

 Miscellaneous Shared Charts, SEPs, PPTs & Handouts

This section is designed to save you time and energy!  Feel free to modify these charts, handouts and other materials for use on your campus.

  1. Santa Monica College contributed a customizable AP CHART for use on your campus. This AP chart has been formatted so you can save it to your own PC as a .doc and modify it with your campus information.
  2. Butte College contributed the following:
    - Don't Cancel That Class! A unique in-class presentation that affords continued classroom instruction while exposing Transfer Center Programs & Services to students. 
    - Transfer Talk - The Doctor Is In - A unique "open drop-in" service that provides counselors the opportunity to make contact with students and answer the student's questions about transfer while advertising the college's transfer    programs, services, and events.
    - Customizable Student Education Plans for transfer students that have been formatted so you can modify them  with your school information. 
    - Generic CSU 4-semester SEP (.doc)
    - Generic IGETC 4-semester SEP (.doc)
    Veteran-specific Student Education Plan (AA/AS) (.doc)
    Veteran-specific Student Education Plan (IGETC)  (.doc) 
    Veteran-specific Student Education Plan (CSU) (.doc)
  3. Mira Costa contributed:
    - a great Summary of Engineering Options (.doc) that you can modify with specific screening
      criteria for students in your area, thus we have posted a modifiable WORD document.
    - Mobile Counseling (MC).   MC is an extension of  Mira Costa College Transfer Center drop-in 
  4. Santiago Canyon College contributed the following Power Points and handouts to share:
    - Pre-Law Seminar
    Check out all the workshop/presentations Santiago Canyon College offers to download.
  5. Santa Rosa Junior College contributed the following PPTs and handouts to share:
    - Transfer Transition (.pdf)
    - After Transfer Support (.pdf)

Common Application Process  

Common Application Website

The following miscellaneous Power Point workshops and handouts were contributed by various CCs to share:

  1. Irvine Valley College: - The Common Application (.ppt)
  2. Santiago Canyon College:
    - Check out all the workshop/presentations Santiago Canyon College offers to download.

Guidelines For NEW CCC Transfer Center Directors

  1. Action Guide-Exploring Ways to Strengthen Student Support and Student Success at Your College
  2. Basic Skills Completion: The Key to Student Success in California Community Colleges By The California Community College Basic Skills Initiative . Effective Practices for Faculty, Staff and Administrators. This report contains many examples of promising practices for integrating student services and instruction and supporting student success on through an institution-wide focus.  [PDF]
  3. California Community College Transfer: Recommended Guidelines.  (
  4. New CCC Transfer Center Director Training and Guidelines. (
  5. SB 1440 - Student Transfer Achievement Reform (STAR). Information for counselors and other transfer personnel. (.ppt)
  6. Transfer Basics for New Counselors (# 6 under Guidelines for CCC Transfer Center Directors) - 2015 ETS .ppt
  7. Transfer Day & College Night Fairs Hosted at California Community Colleges
    - Transfer Day/College Night (TD/CN) is hosted by the California Education Roundtable Intersegmental Coordinating Committee (CERTICC). Comprised of campus and Systemwide representatives from California high schools, California Community College Transfer Centers, California State Universities, the Universities of California, and independent colleges and universities, Transfer Day/College Night provides your students an opportunity to find out what the universities in attendance can offer. Here are some handy links to assist you in participating and contact cohorts of the event:
    Transfer Day/College Nights Guidelines Twelfth Edition. (
    Transfer Day Calendar for Fall 2015 - Nor Cal
    Transfer Day Calendar for Fall 2015 - So Cal
    Northern California Host Contacts.  (.xls)
    - Southern California Host Contacts.   (.xls)       

‚Äč Miscellaneous Best Practice Initiatives  

  1. California Community College Student Success Task Force Archives. The Student Success Task Force has examined best practices and effective models within higher education throughout the nation to improve educational achievements here in California. (CCCCO/PolicyInAction/StudentSuccessTaskForce)
  2. Online Resources Center for CCC Statewide Leadership Collaborative for Industrial & Technical Education (ITE). This website and all activities conducted by the Perkins 1B funded Statewide Leadership Collaborative for Industrial and Technical Education Grant (11-0162) are funded in part by the Chancellor's Office, California Community Colleges. Website. (cccIndustrialTech)
  3. CCC-UC Data Sharing Program - Best Practices and Suggested Strategies.  (UCOP)
  4. Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)
    Alphabetical Listing of all current WICHE Initiatives
    State-specific WICHE Initiatives
  5. National Office for School Counselor Advocacy (NOSCA) Outreach Initiatives.  (Collegeboard)

   Scholarship Handouts and Workshop Materials

We want to thank the following campuses that gave us permission to share the following materials with CC counseling colleagues across California. If you have a Best Practice that you would like to share with your CCC colleagues please send them as an attachment to the Webmaster to post to this page.

  1. Imperial Valley College:
    - 10 Tips for Winning Scholarships - A great student handout!
    - Generalized, Campus Scholarship Information - Handout.
  2. Santiago Canyon College: How to Get an A+ Letter of Recommendation for Scholarships - Another great student handout.
    - Check out all the workshop/presentations Santiago Canyon College offers to download. 
  3. Irvine Valley College: How to pay for College- It's Not Just College That's Expensive!

TAG Workshop Power Point Presentations

The following campuses contributed PowerPoint presentations that can be modified with your campus logo and course information. If you have difficulty opening or modifying a Power Point, use the Technical Support Button (on the TCW homepage) for assistance

  1. Shasta College: TAG PowerPoint. (Updated 8-14-15)
  2. Irvine Valley College: TAG PowerPoint- (F '15)
  3. Butte College: We created this TAG PowerPoint for two reasons;
    1) for our counselors to use during Butte TAG workshops
    ) as an example of how you can merge various .ppt's together (we merged information from both the Shasta and Saddleback Power Points).
  4. Santiago Canyon College offers a variety of workshop presentations to download.  Check it out!