Questions and Answers about the Statement of Legal Residence


Some of you have noted a ‘new’ section in the UC application, the Statement of Legal Residence (SLR). This section is not new. For the fall 2023 application it was moved from the Review and Submit section to the About You section.

Being mindful of the undocumented student population in our California schools and colleges, and based on feedback we’ve received from counselors and advisors, we have taken the following measures:

  1. New Commonly Asked Questions were added on each page of the SLR (introduction, questionnaire, and exemptions) to help guide undocumented applicants on how to complete this portion of the application
  2. Changes were made to the text in the introduction page of the SLR to soften the legalese and to directly address potential concerns of undocumented applicants.
  3. A new option on the exemption checklist for undocumented applicants to indicate their exemption was added.

We have also created questions and answers about the Statement of Legal Residence to help staff and counselors understand the purpose of this section, as well as an instructional guide for undocumented students explaining how they should answer the questions in the Statement of Legal Residence. Please feel free to distribute widely the links to these two resources.