IGETC Certifications

Hi CCC Colleagues,
We hope this email finds you well during these uncertain times. As we are working diligently to collect and process our incoming students’ documents, we are seeking information about how your community college will be submitting IGETC certifications. We would greatly appreciate you completing this short survey. 
We also wanted to provide some clarification about submitting IGETC via Electronic Transcripts. Unfortunately, due to the way Electronic Transcripts are received and processed, we are not always able to view the IGETC Certification status for several community college campuses. eTranscriptCA is the only system that allows us administrative access to view the data where the IGETC Certification is posted. 
When we are unable to access and view the IGETC certification, we reach out to the student with the message below:
Unfortunately, our office was not able to confirm your IGETC Certification status on the transcripts you originally submitted. Please reach out to your counselor and have them submit either an IGETC Certification Worksheet or a Hard Copy Transcript with the IGETC annotation. At this time, we can accept IGETC Certification directly from your counselor via email. Please do not have them resubmit via eTranscript. If you or your counselor have any questions, please contact us.
We understand this is not an error on your part but rather a fault in the systems and how they communicate with one another. If you have submitted an Electronic Transcript with IGETC Certification status not through eTranscriptCA, please email busops@berkeley.edu with an IGETC Certification Worksheet or a Hard Copy Transcript with the IGETC annotation. 
We thank you for your patience and flexibility. We appreciate your great work in supporting our students in their transition to Berkeley. 
Thank you, and Go Bears!
Esperanza Bernal she/her/hers

Sr. Assistant Director
Transfer Reading Manager

110 Sproul Hall #5800
Berkeley, CA 94720