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Welcome to the TCW Technical Tips Page.  When we find new ways to help you use the TCW efficiently and effectively we add it here.  If you know of something new that could help out your colleagues let us know and we will be happy to include it on this page.  We have revised this page extensively.  This is also a good page for our TCW TAT participants to use as a training tool!


Although our new Drupal design, introduced in July 2014, is robustly functional on all e-devices and screen sizes, we have noticed that more and more folks are viewing the TCW webpages over an Android phones, iOS [iPhones] laptops and tablets (good for you!).  We house a multitude of .pdf files that can often cause delays when loading onto e-devices.  Most Android and iOS phones come with a built-in .pdf reader.  However, if you encounter problems opening a .pdf document on the TCW using your e-device, try one of the following free Apps that we have researched for you. You will also find Microsoft Office apps that you can buy for your phone.


Make sure your browser is giving you updated - not outdated information from TCW!  Unbeknownst to you, your browser may be automatically loading a TCW webpage that you have previously visited through its cached files called recent history where it saves and stores files that you have visited.  As the volume of temporary files grows your browser will begin to lag so it is a good idea to clear your cache or recent history periodically to maintain your browser speed and guarantee you a looking at the latest updates we have added to the site. 

In Mozilla Fire Fox or Internet Explorer (IE):

To clear the CACHE or RECENT HISTORY of temporary files in either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer (IE), simultaneously press and hold the [CTRL] + [Shift] + [DEL] keys.  A menu will appear asking what type of temporary files you would like to clear (remove) from your cache.

In Internet Explorer (IE) we suggest you leave the "Preserve Favorites Website data" unchecked.  The rest are safe to clear by placing a check by each type of browsing history. These file names are: temporary internet files and website files, cookies and website data, history, download history, form data, passwords, and active X filtering and tracking protection.

In Mozilla Firefox the file names are pretty much the same...we suggest you do not check the "Offline website data" or "site preferences" - the rest is safe to check to clear or remove. Once you have checked the files you want to clear click CLEAR NOW (in Mozilla) or DELETE (in IE).

*** A quick fix to insure you are viewing a fresh page (in whatever browser you are using) is to point to a clear space on the page, right-click and select “Refresh” or “Reload”. This way your browser will refresh the page to reflect updated information, but it does not clear the cache or temporary files. 

For Apple users – please view your tools menu to see how to clear your cache or recent history.

For Best Viewing Make Sure Your Browser is Up-to-date!

TW pages loading slow?  Does the menu look weird?  It maybe that your browser is not up-to-date.  It is easy to find out. 

If you use Firefox Mozilla or Internet Explorer (IE) Browsers:

Click on the Help Menu in your browser and then click on About Firefox. As of print date the most current version of Firefox is 35.01. The current version of IE is 11.0.9.  IE has a box that you can check to have your computer install newer versions as they become available automatically. If you are not u-to-date and do not have admin. rights to your office computer, we suggest that you fill out a support ticket with your campus IT department to have your browser updated.  While you are at it, request that automatically updates are activated so you no longer have to worry about whether you have the most current version or not.

If you use Opera, Safari or Google Chrome, please consult your IT department.


Bookmark the TCW - not just to your FAVORITES or BOOKMARKS - but specifically to your browser's favorites or bookmark TOOLBAR so we are ALWAYS just a click away!
Here's how:

For Firefox Mozilla Browsers:

  1. Open the TCW homepage at in Firefox Mozilla.
  2. Click on the Bookmarks menu tab and select Bookmark This Page.
  3. In the Edit This Bookmark popup menu, select the folder titled Bookmarks Toolbar and click on Ok.
  4. You should now see Transfer Counselor Website (with our little blue logo person) on your browsers Bookmarks Menu Bar (located under your browser’s URL address line).

For Internet Explorer (IE) Browsers:

  1. Open the TCW homepage at in IE.
  2. Click on the Favorites menu tab and select Add to Favorites Bar and click OK. You should now see Transfer Counselor Website (with our little blue logo person) on your browsers FAVORITES Menu Bar (located under your browser’s URL address line).


Using hyperlinks that redirect you to information formulated by the four-year systems and universities limits the TCW team's control over the functionality of the page that the hyperlink directs you to. Not all hyperlinks provide you with an active BACK button (the arrow by the URL on your browser). If the BACK button is inactive then that link most likely opened a new window or tab.  To return to the TCW simply click the "X" in the window or tab you are in to close it.  If the BACK is active... use it!


As you know our new design comes with bigger, easy-on-the-eye font.  But, if you find the font too small to see in your browser, you can increase, decrease, or return to original font size in your browser with a few quick strokes of the keyboard. 

For a quick resize to your browser's font do the following:

To increase font size hold the CTRL button down while pressing the "+" key on your keyboard. 
    Each time you push the "+" button the font will increase in size. Caution... the larger the font the
    more the page formatting will look distorted and run off screen.  If the page becomes too big the
    browser will automatically incorporate a horizontal scroll bar to allow you to view the information
    "pushed off the page".

To decrease the font size hold the CTRL button down while pressing the "-" key on your keyboard.  
    Each time you push the "-" button the font will decrease in size.  

To return to normal font size, hold the CTRLbutton down and press the "0" (zero) button.

For a more permanent solution to your browser font size:

In Mozilla Firefox : This is a quick 6-step process:

  1. Open your Fire Fox Browser.
  2. Click on the browser menu titled TOOLS.
  3. Select the OPTIONS tab.
  4. Select the CONTENT  tab. 
  5. Change the font to the desired size.
  6. Click OKAY.

      **** If you want to zoom in or out of the page, click on the browser's VIEW menu and select ZOOM.  You can zoom in or out.

For Internet Explorer (IE) :  This is also a quick 4-step process:

  1. Open you IE Browser.
  2. Click the browser menu titled VIEW.
  3. Click the menu titled TEXT SIZE
  4. Choose a text size (from largest to smallest).

**** If you want to zoom in or out of the page, click on the browser's VIEW menu and select ZOOM.  You can zoom in or out.


For your convenience, the following URLs are registered to the Transfer Counselor Website and active, as of July 1, 2010:


Click here for a copy of the Transfer Ccounselors Listserv Welcome Letter

Hope this helps!