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This page is designed to put all CSU transfer-related tools, resources, and guidelines pertaining to California State University campuses at your fingertips! Documents in Portable Document Format (.pdf) require Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher to view.Unless otherwise notated, al links were extracted from the CalState System website. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Link(s) of the month:

-   The 2014-15 Campus Admission Specific Practices and Enrollment Resources Handbook (CASPER) Handbook.  (Items 1-3 under CSU Conference Materials (CASPER)/Guidelines & Handbooks section)
-   The Guide to Completing New Fields on CSU Mentor. (Item 4 under Guidelines. Handbooks & Resource Links)
-  Admission/Graduation Requirements - By Campus (Item 2 under Admission/Application Links)


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a-g Links Major Exploration Links
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AB 540 Links

  1. AB 540 Allies & Contacts by Departments. Print date: April 19, 2013. (CSULB/CalState)
  2. AB 540 Non-resident Tuition Exemption Application Form for Eligible High School Graduates - and General Information.  (CSULB/CalState)
  3. AB 540 Resource Guide for Advisors of Undocumented Immigrant Students. (Print date: Nov. 2013) (CSULB/CalState)
  4. Immigration & Dream Act Information (Nat'l Immigration Law Center (NILC))
  5. Repository of Resources for Undocumented Students. (Collegeboard)
  6. Work Authorization & California State Financial Aid for Undocumented Students (Do's & Don'ts) (CSULB/CalState)

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a-g Links

  1. "a-g" High School Subject Requirements. (CSUMentor)
  2. “a-g” CSU to UC Comparison of Freshman Admission Requirements. (CalState)'14/15

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Admission/Application Links

  1. AA-T-/AS-T Verification Form.  (.pdf-TW)
  2. Admission/Graduation Requirements - By Campus  (TCW) (Updated 06/14)
  3. Applying for a 2nd Bachelor Degree. (CSUMentor)
  4. Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT): A Pathway to the CSU. (CSUMentor) 
  5. Campus-specific Practices for Transfer Admission. (CalState Admission Handbook) '14-15
  6. CSU Undergraduate Admission Application Online. '14/15 (CSUMentor)
  7. CSU Undergraduate Application Instructions. '14/15. 
  8. CSU Admission Application Fee Waiver. '14/15 (CSUSB)
  9. CSU Application Instructions for Transfer Students. '14/15 (CSUMentor)
  10. CSU-to-UC English/Mathematics Acceptance for CETAD. This link has been removed as per UCOP request on 3-6-14. (UCOP)
  11. Executive Order 1065, Attachment A - Transfer Student Requirements for Lower-Division Certification of CSU GE Breadth (CalState) NEW!
  12. Filing Status (Open/Closed) Report. (CSUMentor)
  13. Graduate & Post-baccalaureate Admission Application Handbook '14/15. PDF. (CalState)
  14. Impacted Campus Matrix. '14/15. Last updated October 21, 2013. (CalState)
  15. Impacted Majors Matrix. '14/15. Last updated September 11, 2013. (CalState)
  16. Impacted Programs By Campus. Last updated September 2013. (CalState)
  17. Local Admission & Service Areas Matrix. '14/15. Last updated September, 2013. (CalState)
  18. Systemwide AP, CLEP & IB Chart. Memorandum CODE: AA-2011-12. (CalState)

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College Search Engine Links

  1. College Results Online. Compare college admission costs, retention rates, graduation rates, transfer-out rates, college characteristics and student characteristics. (CollegeResults)
  2. CSU Campuses Map. (CaliforniaColleges) (1-23-14)
  3. CSU Degree Search. The site allows you to search by degree level, area of study, and campus. (CalState)

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Guidelines, Handbooks & Resource Links

  1. Campus Addresses. (CalState)
  2. CSU Admission Handbook for Counselors. (2013-14 for 2014/15). (CASPER) 
  3. CSU Admissions At A Glance - includes Area A & B4 grading acceptance chart! (Print date: 209-10 for AY 2011-12) (CalState)
  4. Guide to Completing New Fields on CSU Mentor-SP '14. (CalState) NEW!
  5. Impacted Majors Matrix.'14/15. (CalState)
  6. Map of CSU Campus Locations with Links to Each Campus Homepage. (CalState)

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Major Exploration Links:

  1. CSU, Chico's Construction Management Program. (CSUC)
  2. Impacted Programs Matrix. '14/15. (CalState)
  3. Majors. (ASSIST)
  4. Search CSU Majors/Degrees. This information is subject to change and should be verified by contacting the campuses directly. (CalState)

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System Site Links:

  1. CalState
  2. CBEST, CPACE, CSET, CTEL & RICA Credentialing Exams.  This site requires you to log in. (Ctcexams.nesinc)
  3. CalState Chancellor's Office Index.
  4. CSUMentor. (CSUMentor)

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Online CSU Programs & Degree Links:

  1. CSU, Chico now offers a B.A. in Sociology Online Degree Program. (CSUC)
  2. CSU Online Business Degrees and Programs. (EducationPortal)
  3. Online CSU Degree Programs. CSU offers a variety of online degree programs that make higher education accessible. (CSUSuccess)
  4. SJSUs New Global Studies Online Degree Completion Program. (SJSU)

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CSU Conference Materials

Each year the TCW team separates and categorizes (in the menu titles below) all pages from the CSU conference materials for ease of use by CCC counselors.
You can preview or print a page (or the complete CASPER Handbook) from the archived CASPER Handbook links located in the Guidelines & Handbooks section
(item # 1 & 2). 


Click on a section title to view related links.
Admission-Related Links Admission-related Links for Undocumented Students
Guidelines & Handbooks Student Service Programs



Admission-related Links:

  1. The 411 on CSU Transfer. ('13 CSU Conference) PPT.
  2. Access & Opportunity - Community College. ('13 CSU Conference) PPT.
  3. Admission Acceptance-Enrollment Confirmation and Enrollment Deposit at California State University - By Campus. (Pg. 23-of '13/14 for '14/15 (CASPER) PDF.
  4. Admission Application Fee Waiver Procedure. (Pg. 1 of '13/14 for '14/15 CASPER) PDF.
  5. CSU's Who Accept "C-" Grade In Golden Four - Note, we HIGHLY suggest you contact the CSU campus in question to verify their campus information on this document is still accurate. Print date: 2011. (TCW-.pdf)
  6. CSU's GE Transfer Curriculum - ('13 CSU Conference) PPT
  7. English/Math Completion Dates for Upper Division Transfers (UDTs)- By Campus. (Pg. 15 of '13/14 for '14/15 (CASPER) PDF.
  8. English/Math Completion for Admission & GE for Transfer Students with Learning Disabilities - By Campus.  (Pg 21 of '13/14 for '14/15 (CASPER) PDF.
  9. Grades in Repeated Courses Taken from Different Colleges for Transfer - By Campus. (Pg. 8, 9 of '13/14 for '14-15 (CASPER) PDF.
  10. High Unit Majors with Authorized Exceptions to Admission & GE Requirements for UDTs (Area 3) - By Campus. (Pg. 16 of '13/14 for '14/15 (CASPER) PDF.
  11. Important Information Relating to UDTs. (Pg. 7-'14/15 CASPER) PDF.
  12. New Student Orientation & Fees for Upper Division Transfers (UDTs) - By Campus. (Pg. 4 of '13/14 for '14/15 (CASPER) PDF.
  13. New Student Orientation for Admitted Freshmen and Transfers. (Pg. 24 of '13/14 for '14/15 (CASPER) PDF.
  14. Preparing for Admission at CSU. ('13 CSU conference) PPT.
  15. Registration Priorities for UDTs - By Campus. (Pg. 17, 18 of '13/14 for -'14/15 (CASPER) PDF.
  16. Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) and Deposit Dates for Fall 2014 Admission - By Campus. (Pg. 2 of '13/14 for '14/15 (CASPER) PDF.
  17. Transcripts & Other Documents Accepted for Military Members (Area E for GE) - By Campus. (Pg. 14 of '13/14 for '14/15 (CASPER) PDF.
  18. Transcripts and other Documents Accepted for Military Member (Elective Units) - By Campus. (Pg. 13 of '13/14 for '14/15 CASPER) PDF.
  19. Transfer Admission Registration & Receipt of all Official Transcripts - By Campus. (Pg. 10,11 of '13/14 for '14/15 (CASPER) PDF.
  20. Transfer Certification and Double Counting for Major Requirements - By Campus. (Pg.12-'14/15 (CASPER) PDF.
  21. Transfer Credit Summary/Individual Degree Plan - By Campus. (Pg. 19-2 of '13/14 for '14/5 (CASPER) PDF.

Admission-related Links for Undocumented Students:

  1. International Baccalaureate for Freshman - by campus. (Pg 5 of '13/14 for '14/15 (CASPER) PDF.

Guidelines & Handbooks:

  1. Full version of the ARCHIVED 2012-13 Campus Admission Specific Practices and Enrollment Resources Handbook - From 2011-12 Conference. (CASPER) Handbook. PDF.
  2. Full version of the ARCHIVED 2013-14 Campus Admission Specific Practices and Enrollment Resources Handbook - From 2012-13 conference. (CASPER) Handbook. PDF.
  3. Full version of the CURRENT 2014-15 Campus Admission Specific Practices and Enrollment Resources Handbook  - From 2013-14 conference. (CASPER) Handbook. PDF.
  4. Access & Opportunity: Community College.  '14/15 (CSU Conference) PDF. 
  5. Campus Admission Specific Practices and Enrollment Resources (CASPER). 2013-14 for 2014-15. PDF.
  6. CSU GE Transfer Curriculum. '2013-14 for 2014-15 (CSU Conference). PDF.
  7. Demystifying the Transfer Pathways. '14/15 (CSU Conference) PDF. 
  8. EOP And Foster Youth Programs - Community College. 2013-14 for 2014-15 (CSU Conference) PDF.
  9. EOP & Foster Youth Programs - Joint CSU & UC. 2013-14 for 2014-15 (CSU Conference) PDF.
  10. EOP Application Booklet. 2013-14 for 2014-15 (CSU Conference) PPT.
  11. EOP Information Brochure. 2013-14 for 2014-15 ( CSU Conference) PPT.
  12. Financial Aid-Joint CSU - UC. 2013-14 for 2014-15 (CSU Conference) PDF. 
  13. Liberal Studies Information Website - By Campus. (Pg. 26 2013-14 for 2014-15 (CASPER) PDF.
  14. Local Admission & Service Areas – By campus. PDF.
  15. SB 1440 - Student Transfer Achievement Reform (STAR). 2013-14 for 2014-15 (CSU Conference) PPT.
  16. Student Services for Community College Transfers. 2013-14 for 2014-15 (CSU Conference) PDF.
  17. Student Service Disabilities-Joint CSU/UC. '2013-14 for 2014-15 (CSU Conference) PDF .
  18. Transfer Pathway - CSU & UC. 2013-14 for 2014-15 (CSU Conference) PPT.
  19. Tuition, Costs, Fees & Financial Aid. 2013-14 for 2014-15 (CSU Conference) PDF.
  20. Using CSUMentor - Community College. 2013-14 for 2014-15 (CSU Conference) PPT.

Student Service Programs:

  1. CSU Honors and Special Academic Programs - By Campus. (Pg. 25 - 2013-14 for 2014-15 (CASPER) PDF.
  2. CSU Office of Services to Students With Disabilities - By Campus. (Pg.27 - 2013-14 for 2014-15 (CASPER) PDF.
  3. CSU SSP Directory to Student Outreach, Admission, Financial Aid Online Resources, Campus URLS, Testing Office, Veterans Affairs, and International Student Services for ‘13/14 - By Campus. (Pg.28, 29-'14/15 CASPER) PDF.
  4. EOP & Foster Youth - Community College. ( SU Conference) PPT.
  5. Financial Aid - Community College. (CSU Conference) PPT.
  6. Services to Students with Disabilities - Joint CSU-UC. (CSU Conference) PPT.
  7. Troops to College. (CSU Conference) PPT.

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