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Financial Aid Links

Page Last Updated: 2014-05-05

Students come to CCC counselors with all sorts of education-related questions, including questions about student financial aid programs, grants and loans. This page is designed to assist counselors when helping students with their Financial Aid needs. If you know of other links that you would like us to add here, please contact the webmaster, Ruth De Tro, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


*** Financial Aid Toolkit - An online resource designed specifically for counselors. (#10 in FAFSA Resources for Counselors)

*** 7 Common FAFSA Mistakes. (Print date: 1/6/14). ( NEW! (#1 under FAFSA Linnks)


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Cal Grant Links


FAFSA Application Links  FAFSA Resources for Counselors



Cal Grant Links


  1. Applying for a CalGrant. (CalGrants)
  2. Available Cal Grants. (CalGrants)
  3. California Student Aid Commission. (CSAC)
  4. Cal Grants. (CalGrants)
  5. Cal Grant Application (calgrantapplication)
  6. Cal Grant Application Process. (CSAC)
  7. Cal Grant Criteria. (CalGrantApplication)
  8. Cal Grant GPA Requirements, Verificaiton Information, and more... (CSAC)
  9. Cal Grant GPA Verification Form. (.pdf) (CSAC)
  10. Qualifications for a Cal Grant. (CalGrants)

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  FAFSA Application Links

  1. 7 Common FAFSA Mistakes. (Print date: 1/6/14). ( NEW!
  2. BOGG Fee Waiver Form.  (cccapply)
  3. Federal Student Aid Application. (fafsa)
  4. Llenar su FAFSA (File your FAFSA in Spanish). Steps to follow before, during and after filing an online FAFSA Application in Spanish. (fafsa)
  5. Print a Paper Copy of The FAFSA (English). (fafsa)
  6. Opciones de presentación de la FAFSA (Spanish). (fafsa)

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  1. FAFSA FAQs. (icanaffordcollege)
  2. FAFSA Help. (studentaid)
  3. Steps and facts for FSA. (icanaffordcollege)
  4. Understanding Grants & Loans FAQs. (studentaid)


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FAFSA Resources for Counselors Links


  1. 2013/14 Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Formula. Updated tables used in the computation of the EFC for the 2013/14 Award Year. (ifap)
  2. Chaffey Grant for Foster Youth. (chaffey.csac)
  3. College Board Codes. The College Board codes are needed when the student registers for SAT Program tests or send score reports to colleges and scholarship programs. These codes can be found from the online registration or score sending screens as well as in the tool below.  TCW has also posted the College Board Code for each CSU and UC on the CSU Campuses and UC Campuses pages. (sat.collegeboard)
  4. College Savings Calculator. (studentaid2)
  5. FAFSA Application Deadlines. (fafsa)
  6. Federal School Codes. (also known as a Title IV Institution Code) is required for each college or university to which the student is applying in order to complete the FAFSA. The Federal School Code is a six-character code that begins with a 0 (zero), G, B, or E. Be careful to use the correct Title IV code on the FAFSA, because some schools have several codes to designate different programs or campuses. (finaid)
  7. Federal Student Aid (FSA) Counselor page. This is an online resource designed specifically for counselors.(fsa4counselors)
  8. Financial Aid Assistance Programs Report. Published August 2012.(CCCCO)
  9. Financial Aid Toolkit (financialaidtoolkit) 
  10. Free Publications & Mailing List. (
  11. Fs4 Counselors & Mentors Handbook.  2013/14. (


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